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MyCommercialAd.com is one of the internets largest Shopping Search Engine that allows you to upload video ads onto our site and over twenty video sharing websites to be searched and viewed by prospects seeking your product or service. MyCommercialAd has excellent services and has by far the most competitive pricing in the industry which is why we are the leader in online video advertising.
Got merchandise? Post your ad on MyCommercialAd for a one-time fee of $9.99 and the ad space is yours for life! Don't worry there are no Pay-Per-Click (PPC) fees here! MyCommercialAd has partnered with the industry leaders in advertising and marketing to make sure that our brand is recognized by shoppers everywhere!
Newsletter advertising is one of the most powerful and effective marketing strategy on the internet! Newsletter advertising is sent via email to subscribers who ask for them, and because of this newsletter advertising can be very costly. We use rent-a-list.com (the most trusted targeted list providers in the industry) to send out our weekly newsletter that will contain our client’s ads for FREE! That’s right; our client’s ads are the foundation of our newsletter, so write very informative descriptions.
The online publishers association has conducted a study entitled “frames of reference: online video advertising, content, and consumer behavior”. The study found out of 80% of people that watched an online video ad, over 50% has taken some kind of reaction, over 30% visited a owners website, 22% went on a hunt for more details, 15% traveled to a store, and about 12% purchased a product.
The future is online video ads and it is the most effective way any business can promote itself. All you will need to do is post a video ad in our shopping search engine where it will be viewed by millions. How much will all of this cost? During our special promotion, order your video ad space for only $9.99 $4.99 and save 50% off, hurry! This offer want last long!
Take a look at all the great benefits you will receive when you upload a video ad on MyCommercialAd.com
  • Your video ad will also appear on over 20 video sharing websites like: You Tube, Google videos, and blip.tv
  • You actually own 30 min of commercial video space
  • Your video ad space will never expire
  • Fully customizable channel
  • Free Newsletter advertising for the duration of your account
  • Video ads can be emailed to family and friends from our website
  • A private message board for owner and prospects to discuss products and service
  • No Contract
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Receiving Annoying Emails
  • No Subscribing to Anything
  • No need for click exchange and safelists
  • *You actually own 30 min of commercial video space Cost less than it does to put one item on an Internet auction site
  • *Video space will be forfeited if your account is deleted.

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